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Belly Band Holsters

September 19, 2020 6 min read

According to CNN, there has been a significant increase in burglary and murder in June in New York City. By June 14, there were 159 murders in the city, according to the NYPD. This is a 25% increase compared to the same statistics last year. 

According to theMetropolitan Police Department, assault with a dangerous weapon has gone up with 2% as of September 2020. 

With these glaring crime statistics, the American Gun Association recommends having a firearm to protect oneself from such crimes. Of course, you may not wish to show off your gun to everybody, which begs the need to conceal it using belly band holsters. As you look for a belly band holster to hide the weapon, you must also ensure that it is easily accessible. 

If you are an athlete or runner, you need a belly band holster that will hold tight to your body and resist sweat and sliding while you are jogging. 

Benefits of a belly band holster

  • Accessibility

It should be effortless for you to access your gun fast to protect yourself. If you go for an ankle holster, you might have difficulty reaching your gun with imminent danger.

A belly band holster is, however, easily quickly accessible. All you have to do is lift your shirt and get the gun to protect yourself. 

  • Flexibility

Belly band holsters come with stretchable material. Thus, you can carry a variety of guns with different sizes. 

  • Organization 

Most belly band holsters come with multiple pockets. Not only are you able to carry different types of guns, but you can also carry some ammunition. 

You can also keep extra accessories on the pockets, including other protective gear like knives and tasers. You can also use the pouches for valuables such as credit cards and cell phones. 

  • Concealability

If you want to go around your business and perform your everyday activities without anyone noticing you are carrying a gun, you need a belly band holster. 

You can have the belly band holster under your shirt, jeans, or t-shirt. 

Belly Band Holsters for Concealment

While it is essential to have a gun to protect yourself against possible harm, it may not be the best idea if you walk around showing it off. 

Belly band holsters come in handy in helping you carry your gun without being noticed—most belly band holsters for concealment fit your body well while also keeping the weapon secure.

Therefore, they are adjustable to conform to your body while also allowing you to be comfortable. With that, you can have the holster the whole day and carry out various activities without feeling uncomfortable. 

What do you consider when you want to buy a belly band holster for concealment? 

  • Fit

Before you can purchase any belly band holster, you need to ensure that it can carry your gun. Guns come in different sizes, and some may not fit in some holsters. 

If you want to be on the safer side, consider going for a holster that can carry multiple guns. 

A perfect fit for the gun ensures durability and ease of drawing the gun. 

  • Comfort

Comfort is a significant factor to consider when buying a holster to conceal your weapon. Remember, you will have the belly band holster around your stomach.

Therefore, you wouldn’t want a holster that makes your day a living hell as you try to conceal your gun. Before you can purchase a holster, double-check its material. The material should not only stretch, but it should also be breathable. 

Ensure that the holster material has enough ventilation. Also, ensure it is soft enough to soothe your body. 

Additionally, the holster should fit you perfectly irrespective of the size of your belly. Therefore, you should consider how many inches the belly band holster can stretch to the maximum.

  • Retention

The main reason why you purchased a gun is to protect yourself from harm. As such, it wouldn’t be logical if someone else takes the gun from you. 

If you are in a close contact confrontation, your opponent or the robber may be tempted to get the gun from you. Having the perfect holster will stop them from getting the gun. 

As you look for a belly band holster, ensure you get one that will retain your gun if someone tries to snatch it from you. 

Belly band holsters for Running or Cycling  

When looking for belly band holsters, you want a holster that will secure your gun everywhere, at all times, and even in a crisis. 

Some dangerous situations call for you to run. In such cases, you don’t want your gun to slip out and get lost. That is why you need a belly band holster to keep your firearm secure.

A belly band holster also comes in handy when you are going for a morning jog or walking in an insecure neighborhood. 

In such cases, an on-body holster will be more secure than other types of holsters.

Here are important factors to look into when buying a belly band holster for running/cycling; 

  • Material

If you are using your belly band holster while running or cycling, you will definitely sweat. 

If you choose the wrong material for your holster, it will start sticking on your body. Other materials will also begin to slip, making you very uncomfortable.

Some materials can also be harsh on your skin such that you might end up bruising yourself. 

As such, when you want to purchase a belly band holster for running, the material is essential. Go for a material that will be soft on your skin so that it doesn’t bruise you during exercises. It should also be breathable to make it comfortable even when you sweat or have it for an extended period. 

  • Portability

Portability is also a vital factor to consider while looking for a belly band holster. The holster should give you the flexibility when you wish to change from your running gear to other clothes. 

  • Weight

If you are looking for a belly band holster to carry a gun to protect yourself while running, extra baggage is the last thing you want. 

When it comes to running, cycling, and other exercises, you should try to keep your weight minimal. This reduces the chances of your body struggling, which makes you feel exhausted. You need to check your choice of running gear such as shoes, clothes, etc. 

In the same way, you should check the weight of the belly band holster that you wish to buy. The belly band holster should be lightweight, this way, it will not make you feel tired while running. 

  • Size

Suppose you go jogging with a belly band holster that is larger than your body size. It will keep slipping up and down your body, especially when you sweat, which may be uncomfortable. 

On the other hand, if the belly band holster is smaller than your belly, it will hold you so tight that it might be hard to do your exercise. 

For that reason, you should be careful with the size of the belly band holster that you buy. Ensure that it is a perfect fit. Also, consider how long it can stretch to determine if it will be too small or large for you. 

  • Attachments 

When you go running or cycling, you may wish to carry other valuables with you. These may include your phone, keys, and other defense weapons. 

The most suitable belly band holster for you should have extra pouches to carry your valuables and extra ammunition. 

If you were looking for the best belly band holster to use, your search ends when you find the StrapTac belly band holster. 

StrapTac Belly Band Holster

The StrapTac belly band holster has a simple design, but it has plenty of features that make it an excellent concealed carry. If you want a comfortable slimming belly band for women to secure your firearm, this would be a perfect choice. 

One thing that makes the StrapTac belly band holster stand out is that you can wear it with any outfit. Therefore, you can have it while having your morning jog gear and later change to a suit, and nobody will notice you are carrying it. 

You can carry different sizes of pistols and revolvers, and it is flexible enough to wear in different holster positions. The holster comes with additional pockets that you can use to put more ammunition and other valuables while running. 

The neoprene material makes it comfortable even when you sweat. It is perfect for all situations, including driving, exercising, sitting down, etc. 


  • It makes an excellent concealed carry.
  • Sturdy material
  • Doesn’t stretch out with extended use
  • Comfortable
  • Extra pockets for carrying valuables


A belly band holster is a must-have if you want to protect yourself even when having your morning run. If you are looking for a belly band holster, StrapTac belly band holster is the best choice. It is flexible and comes with a breathable material. You can also wear them with different clothes, including official wear. It comes with a lifetime warranty as an assurance of its high quality.


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